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Capturing ‘Out Cold’ Commuters with TIME’s @PatrickWitty

Patrick Witty (@patrickwitty) spends his days editing and curating photos as TIME magazine’s international picture editor. But in late March, Witty inadvertently embarked on his own photo series when he began documenting fellow commuters that had seemingly fallen asleep on the subway.

"One morning I was on my way to work, standing directly in front of this woman with incredible hair—an explosion of color and texture, the white earphone cord dangling below, so I took a picture. She was fast asleep so I haphazardly captioned the picture, ‘Out cold on the 2. #commute.’ I took another one the next day and it sort of snowballed from there."

Despite the appearance that the people in his photos are sleeping, most are actually engrossed in their mobile devices. “I’m not sure people realize this, but most of these people are not asleep. They are looking down, lost in their phones or tablets. And I’m doing exactly the same thing. So they are self-portraits in some ways,” says Witty.

What’s been the reaction to Patrick’s photos? “Most people find them humorous, some find it odd, some depressing. I think they are all of these things. I’m definitely not trying to make fun of anyone… It’s a testimony to the subway’s diversity and individuality.”

Join Patrick’s daily commute by following him on Instagram: @patrickwitty.

Nan Goldin - Honda Brothers in cherry blossom storm. Tokyo , 1994.

Nan Goldin - Honda Brothers in cherry blossom storm. Tokyo , 1994.


Bob Verschueren - Wind Paintings (1978)

"Crushed charcoal, iron oxide, chalk, terra verte, flour, yellow ochre, terre de Cassel, burnt and natural umber, laid out in a linear motif along the land…

Verschueren would wait for the wind to distribute the colored pigments and materials over the land. The resulting work was a stunning collaboration between man and nature.

The artwork usually only lasted a few hours before the wind that created them likewise blew them away.”